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Nahla Ahmed founder of Egypt female tourguide website , started the website only few years ago ,

Luckily in Egypt women enjoys better opportunities in work in many sectors than in other Mideastern  countries , but still some challenges due to traditions and costumes .

Egypt Female Tour guide website is about giving women leading roles in the travel industry  .

The aim of ” Egypt Female Tour guide ” website is to help women’s employment in tourism sector to have equal opportunities and fair wages ,to connect the Female Guides with the Travelers who seek for private tours Guided by a female Tour Guide , very passion , knowledgeable , flexible with a good sense of hummer .

If you are male or female traveler  ,travel alone , with your partner , or with family and kids , female tour guide is always more comfortable and flexible to show you the country .


Egypt Female tour guide is to encourage Travelers to explore the region through a female guide who help them to understand more about the local culture and religion .

Best Female Tour Guide

Egypt Female Tour guide

Abeer Hammade

I am born and raised in this lovely city and it will be my pleasure to tell you all about it. If I help you to fall in love with..

Nahla Elkady

Hello dear. My name is Nahla, a female Egyptologist member guide of the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate and the World Federation of Tour Guides Association and the Arab Tourist..

Mariam B Hakeem

I am proud to be a member of female Tourguide team I have a freelance licence,  graduated from the university with a degree in Egyptology and history , Why  me?..



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