1. Planning your trip? I have your back covered with all the trip planning tools and travel resources you’ll need to make the best out of your experience.

What Trip Planning Tools Do You Need?

Whatever you’ll need to plan an epic trip from A-to-Z is down below!

Travel Insurance

Solo travel isn’t always rainbows and butterflies – things might go down south sometimes. You might fall ill or lose your luggage, and that’s when you’ll thank me for having your back covered with travel insurance.

SafetyWing offers different travel insurance packages, tailored to your needs, but their Nomad Insurance is my favorite option.


The biggest bulk of your budget usually goes on flight tickets. That’s why it’s important to compare your options via flight aggregators to find the best deals.


When it comes to flights, my go-to is Skyscanner. I usually compare several flight aggregators before booking, but most of the time, Skyscanner offers the best deals.


Accommodation booking platforms are essential trip planning tools – check out my favorite ones below:



Traveling on a budget? No worries! Book a hostel instead via Hostelworld.

Mobile Data

Nowadays, we have to stay connected while traveling. Whether it’s to be able to navigate in a foreign country, use helpful travel apps, or stay in touch with friends and family, mobile data has become essential. However, buying a physical SIM card on every single trip can be a hassle and the “roaming” service is usually too expensive. That’s when Airalo comes to the rescue!

Airalo is an app that offers eSIMS that enable you to subscribe to reasonable local data plans while traveling. This works in over 190 countries, so wherever you are, the internet is only a few clicks away. You just need to make sure that your smartphone is eSIM-compatible and you’re good to go.


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