Siwa is one of the largest oasis in Egypt after Fayoum ,covered in lush greenery, one of the most underrated destinations in the country., covered in Lush greenery,  was formerly known in ancient Egyptian as “Sekht-am, which means ‘palm land’. The name perfectly represents the palm trees that the oasis is famous for – it’s also best known for olive trees and crystal clear salt lakes the most underrated destinations in the country. To non-Egyptians, it’s most probably considered a hidden gem – after all, it’s a paradise hidden in the heart of the western desert. Even though it’s only 50 km away from the western border of Egypt, it’s definitely worth the long drive.

The oasis is home to Siwan Berbers, also known as Amazigh, who still have their language preserved – they also speak Arabic. Aside from its interesting culture and impeccable nature, Siwa also holds grand historic importance as it boasts ancient remains that date back to the times of Alexander the Great.

Highlights of Siwa :

1- Salt Lakes 

2-The Temple of the Oracle

3- Cleopatra Spring 

4- Mountain if the Dead 

5-Dakrouri Mountain 

6-Shali Fortress 

7-Foutnas Island 

8 – The Great Sand Sea 

– with a female tour guide you will get a memorable trip to Siwa

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